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Certified Personal Medicine Coach (CPMC)

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I’m a speaker and trainer and rely on storytelling and humor to share and teach. I’ve provided training and technical assistance to behavioral healthcare authorities and other providers addressing many aspects of recovery-oriented approaches for organizations and individual services. During my more than 30-year career, I’ve worked as a practitioner, program director, advocate, and consultant—amassing expertise in trauma-informed approaches, training and supporting peer providers, policy and organizational readiness, social and restorative justice, and utilizing implementation sciences to ensure successful transformation when undergoing organizational growth while adopting new and emerging best practices. 
Most recently, I was a senior program manager at Advocates Human Potential, Inc. (AHP) working on key federal projects as a subject matter expert. Before joining AHP, I was the director of training with Pat Deegan PhD and Associates (PDA), specializing in bringing shared decision making to behavioral health. Prior to that, I was the inaugural director of the Office Consumer Affairs for the State of Oklahoma and was the founding director of the first peer-run, employment-focused program in Atlanta GA. 
I’m an MSW – but most importantly - all my professional work is grounded in my first-person experience within the behavioral healthcare system. WHY? I believe that wellness and healing should always be the driving force and expected outcome of all services (well, really, of all human interactions).  I believe in and use Personal Medicine as a cornerstone to my wellness.

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