Milagritos Santiago

Wellness Group Facilitator

Certified Personal Medicine Coach (CPMC)

CPMC Trainer (CPMC-T)

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Hi All! My name is Milagritos Santiago but please call me Mili (in english is Millie). Mili is my Spanish nick name. Something interesting about my name, it means "small miracle". I was born and raced in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico (West side of the island).

I have lived in Lorton, VA since 2003. I studied a BS in Industrial Engineering, worked for almost 15 years in IT projects with State and Federal Governments. A few years ago I decided to pursue a different line of work and after trying different things; last year I discovered the Peer Recovery Specialist line of work and I truly believe is my calling.

As a Certified Personal Medicine Coach, I hope to inspire, lead and motivate others find out what Personal Medicine works best for them to get well and stay well. Sharing hope through my testimony of recovery using Personal Medicine, my experience of healing and the perseverance to move forward in the midst of challenging times during and after a life with a mental health challenge will be my greatest purpose and drive. Educating the community about self-discovery, wellness and Personal Medicine is my vision as I walk in this new line of work.


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