Morten Hansen, Peer Support

Peer Support

Foreningen Peers, Rudersdal

Recovery Mentor

Region Hovedstadens Psykiatri

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

Certified Personal Medicine Coach Trainer (CPMC-T)

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I have always been interested in people's own power to overcome challenges, although I almost gave up on myself when I had a breakdown in 2011. My own way back up was finding out what was meaningful and important to me and how I could cultivate it.

For me, Personal Medicine has become a concrete way to work with hope, empowerment, and possibilities, both when I work on discovering and updating my own or when I talk to others about theirs. The fact that it gives both ways is just meaningful and inspiring. I have been working as Peer Support since 2018 and Personal Medicine has become the base on how I approach people and how I support them.

My favorite example of my own Personal Medicine is a picture I look at when I start doubting myself. The act of looking at it brings me into the now and what the picture represents helps me focus on my own strength.


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