Naomi Taylor

Peer Support Specialist


Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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My name is Naomi Taylor and I am a Peer Support Specialist at WNYIL. I just received my CRPA-P certification. 

I am in recovery from several different aspects of mental health conditions. Through my recovery, I have found that my own empowerment is what lead me to a place to be able to empower others! I am driven to help others see the power and courage that they have within themselves. I love to see the light go on in their eyes when it "clicks" that maybe, possibly, they can recover, too.

I have spent the past 7 years focusing on my own personal medicine and I have been led to the Certified Personal Medicine Coach as a way to be able to implement these practices with the peers that I work alongside. It is my goal to show each of them the strength that comes from finding their own Personal Medicine.


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