Patricia Jeffers

Lead Behavior Specialist

Keystone Freedom Academy

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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My name is Patricia Jeffers, I am the Lead Behavior Specialist at Keystone Freedom Academy. Our main location is in Warminster, PA and I am so excited to announce that this year we expanded and opened a second school in Berks County! At Keystone we help support students who face Social, Emotional, and Behavioral challenges to find freedom within their education and create opportunities for life long success. We do this through Social-Emotional learning which is embedded within our academics, along with implementing mindfulness, restorative practices, positive behavioral interventions, trauma-informed care, and a hands-off practice of Ukeru Behavior management system.

In my role as a Behavior Special, I work closely with each student to develop individual treatment plans to meet them where they are at, to help them grow as successful individuals, and to help them feel comfortable and safe within their learning environments. My goal is to help each student learn the skills and strategies needed to be successful within their home school district, family homes, and outside communities. I often step in during crisis situations to help deescalate individuals who may be upset, frustrated, angry, etc., and work on what's best for them in the moment, to help calm, and move forward with a more positive day.

Just a little background on myself, at a young age I knew that I wanted to work with children. I started right out of high school working in a daycare while going to school full time for my bachelors degree in Psychology. While attending Temple University, I stumble upon an amazing opportunity to set up an internship at one of the local special education schools and from there fell in love with behavioral Psychology. I am a certified trainer in Ukeru behavior management and I am a firm believer in their practices of being hands-off with students and allowing students to control their own actions and choices with the support of staff. I am excited to use Personal Medicine to better help support the students I work with and myself.


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