Patricia Tran

Certified Personal Medicine Coach (CPMC)

CPMC Trainer (CPMC-T)

My name is Patricia (Trish) Tran. I have my Certificate IV in Peer Support. I have previously worked within Peer Support as both a PSW in community (government run) mental health and hospital settings.

I have also worked in managerial and strategic roles within peer support. I am a volunteer Peer Supervisor for DISCHARGED (An Alternatives to Suicide Peer Support Group which was created by Western Mass LRC). I write articles for Peer Led Recovery Community Newsletter, am a consumer consultant for a PhD Research Paper who is researching cultures within mental health services. I am a lived experience educator at a local university and have provided guest lectures in other places of learning.  I am creative and love reading and writing poetry.  

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I have to admit that a door opened to Personal Medicines and I walked through it.  Pat Deegan is my all-time biggest role model and having the opportunity to learn anything which has come from her hand and heart fills me with such joy!  

I don’t know how I will apply what I learn from this course but I DO know that it will help me on a deeply personal level.  I also know this will naturally imbue into my relationships and how I listen and reflect.  If I have the honour of connecting with people who are experiencing distressing challenges in their life – I know that my responses will unconsciously be informed by how I have applied and internalised this knowledge. I believe Personal Medicine is a universal approach, open to everyone – not just those who have been identified as having a lived experience. 


"You are an expert of your own experience and an excellent teacher/ educator and trainer. You are also a great support person which I believe is incredibly essential role too."

"I really appreciate your understanding of social justice, and the ways that you do advocacy. You are also very good at prompting people to think about perspectives they might not have considered."

"You have an amazing ability to really listen in and communicate with respect, love, care and concern for everyone you talk to! You are a sound communicator and public speaker who has spoken at conferences and has been a crucial part of the Curtin University LEE unit - people value you!"

"I don’t know you personally & only discovered you early this week, but it’s obvious that you have a wonderful ability to inspire others to think compassionately about things. This was perfectly displayed in regards to the video you created about Compassion vs Prognosis."

"I appreciate your gentle approach to questioning ideas and encouraging people to think about things in a different way, from different positions. Also, the way you can crystallize really complex and messy ideas into beautiful metaphors! AND your unconditional positive regard, humility and kindness in everything you do."

"You pose excellent questions and you listen deeply."


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