My diagnosis doesn't define me. Yours doesn't define you either.

We don't recover the same way a car gets fixed. We need to get active. Recovery means finding our inner wisdom, learning to speak up with professionals and making the choices that are right for us.

Start living your life, not your diagnosis.

The CommonGround Program helps you blaze the path to your recovery and the life you want. Get started by using the Guides, posters and other resources below.

CommonGround Guides

Whether we are experiencing distressing voices, trouble sleeping, flashbacks, anxiety or other challenges the Guides put recovery tools directly into our hands.

Posters and Papers

Get inspired with my ready-to-print posters and papers.

Find a Certified Personal Medicine Coach Near You

Certified Personal Medicine Coaches are trained to help you harness the power of Personal Medicine in your recovery. There are Certified Personal Medicine Coaches in the United States and Internationally. Click on a State or Country to find one near you.

Check out my blog - it's full of inspiration and fresh thinking about recovery.

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