Prue Riggall

Peer Support Specialist Cert IV Mental Health Peer Work

Certified Personal Medicine Coach



CPMC raised its hand and gave me a friendly wave right when I needed it most. I launched myself as a sole trader in December 2020 and hit the ground running with ideas, confidence and excitement scattered with some self-doubt, lots of learning and a few wobbles. After finishing up a long-standing role as a Senior Peer Worker running a Brisbane peer led and managed mental health recovery community centre, I knew that I needed to stay connected with my peers. The great crew from CPMC - Down Under offered just what I knew would feed my soul. I have enjoyed a fantastic, rewarding and challenging career in the mental health, disability, social care, aged and arts sectors in Australia and Scotland since 1992. I provide authentic, non-judgmental, empathy driven person-centred, strengths-based, trauma-informed, recovery-focused support to individuals and (in the recent past) to groups. Wow, that’s a lot of hyphens! I have also spread my facilitator wings, creating and delivering recovery-focused activities, workshops and groups, WRAP and PeerZone for community members.

My previous role included being the Australian Co-ordinator and Lead Trainer for PeerZone. I am now enjoying bringing balance to my personal, creative and work life which sees me often using my gardening Personal Medicine. I find when gardening, I reflect on the day which helps me to manage any an xiety, rumination or stress and that when gardening I connect with nature which helps me to feel grounded and rejuvenated. Training as a CPMC has prompted me to dig deeper into the things that I know I enjoy doing and to evaluate the why’s and to celebrate the benefits of how these activities help to keep me well and happy. I will most definitely be offering PM coaching to folk I walk alongside with, supporting them to discover and practice their own powerful PM’s.


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