Rebecca Graser

Coordinator of Recovery Services, MPNN CSB

Certified Personal Medicine Coach (CPMC)

CPMC Trainer (CPMC-T)

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I have been working at MPNN for 11 years and currently supervise a department that is 100% Peer Run.

I work to guide and advocate the agency in establishing recovery-oriented best practices; and develop new programs and employment opportunities for people in recovery from Mental Health Substance Use Disorder challenges.

Recovery Services of MPNN consist of two Peer Run centers; a supportive employment program, currently employing over 60 peers in recovery; and a department that offers many training and peer support opportunities for those in recovery. 

I became a CPMC as I wanted to obtain additional tools in aiding me and my fellow disruptive innovators, in shifting the paradigm from the medical model, that is still firmly cemented at my agency to a more Recovery Oriented System of Care. 


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