Rhea Schulte

Mental Health Recovery Worker/Employment and Education Coordinator

Toowoomba Clubhouse

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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I'm Rhea and I have been a Mental Health Recovery Worker/Employment and Education Coordinator at Toowoomba Clubhouse for the past 2 years. I was lucky enough to gain my position at Clubhouse whilst completing a mental health placement during nursing studies. I am a proud mental health worker, mental health peer support worker, nurse and I also have a certificate in massage therapy that my family certainly take advantage of!

Before I made the decision to study nursing at the age of 28, I spent the majority of my 20's travelling and living in different parts of Australia. My desire to travel came with a desire to immerse myself completely into as many different experiences and to meet as many different characters, as I could.

I have now based myself just outside of Toowoomba, with my son, daughter, partner, my big dog and my chubby cat.

I am passionate about reducing societal stigma around mental health. I am passionate about generating and normalising conversations around mental health and I am driven to educate people on their own power and potential.


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