Rhea Schulte Enrolled Nurse/Therapeutic Massage Therapist Wellbeing Coach/CPMC Workshop Facilitator

Wellbeing Coach/Employment Coordinator

Toowoomba Clubhouse

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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Hi, My name is Rhea. I live in the beautiful state of Queensland, Australia. I am currently a Wellbeing Coach at a Mental Health Service in Toowoomba. My educational background is rather limited, however, my life experience is expansive. I commenced studying massage therapy at the age of 27, before moving into nursing. It was while I was studying nursing that I was fortunate enough to begin a career in supporting those with mental health challenges, which let's face it, is every human being on the planet. It is our barriers, although varied and different, that have a way of uniting individuals.

I recently heard the quote, 'if you take a human being from one side of the planet, and another human being from another side of the planet.. those two human beings would have more in common than they don't.' I am immensely passionate about having unabashed conversations, reducing stigma and abolishing the shame connected with expressing our challenges around mental ill-health. Supporting those discover their inner expert and trust their own wisdom is something that gives me personal motivation and hope for a more understanding and tolerant world.


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