Robyn Hantelman, M.Ed., RPRS-T, COAPS-T

Recovery Coordinator

Goochland Powhatan Community Services 
Rural Overdose and Outreach Team (The ROOT Project)

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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I am a wife and mommy (to one small human and multiple small dogs), an outspoken advocate, an avid karaoke singer, a Pyrex collector, a trainer of Peer Recovery Specialist, Older Adult Peer Support, Medication-Assisted Recovery Support, REVIVE (naloxone education), and Harm Reduction, and someday a published author... all because of a decision made in 2017 to embark on the journey we call "Recovery". Since taking the first steps on that journey (by way of traditional medication), I have been seeking ways to nurture myself and working to build a life I no longer wish to escape from. I became interested in Personal Medicine as a way to balance my recovery pathway as well as support transitions related to my Pill Medicine as well as optimize my physical health.

Recovery, to me, is a unique and personal journey toward being the best possible version of all the things listed above and more. In my own process, Personal Medicine adds the richness and balance I have been seeking all along. In my professional role as Recovery Coordinator serving in rural areas of Virginia, being a CPMC will add value, remove roadblocks, encourage collaboration, and empower individuals like me to reach their full potential. I am excited to share this powerful means of hope and healing with others as a CPMC in my community and to continue practicing Personal Medicine in my own recovery.


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