Roland Thibault, LADC (Inactive), CPMC

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Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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The focus of my life has been battling struggles with mental health issues, both in my own life and in the lives of others. I have spent time working as a teacher and as a Substance Abuse Counselor (LADC, currently inactive because I am not using it professionally).

I currently work teaching young people who have dropped out of school, helping them to achieve their high school equivalency. I also volunteer for the National Alliance on Mental Illness as a support group facilitator, while also being the president of our local NAMI affiliate in Portland Maine.

I found Personal Medicine about a year ago and instantly realized the power it had to transform people's lives. I am fortunate that my affiliate at NAMI chose to pay for my training. I am looking forward to using this practice in all the work that I do with people.


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