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Hi All, I have always been interested how people "tick" and when I was living in the City, I would enjoy watching people during my lunch hour or sitting the the train, I would imagine what type of person they were and found it fun.

I left school for my first job at 15 years as in Admin at a Shipping Agency. I later married but divorced when the boys were 8 and 5. I worked in schools to suit their time at home. I was a sole parent for many years but my 2nd marriage failed also. This was a difficult time as I lost half my home that had before the 5-year marriage. It was a grieving period as my youngest son had left for University, I had to leave my home as I could not afford it, and ended up in a Women's Shelter in Gladstone. My previous status as a wealthy businessman's wife had now found me on the Centrelink line in Gladstone where people knew me.

I always remember a notice that my son's Principal had in a School Newsletter: If the light at the tunnel is out, go and light the bloody thing yourself. I stuck this on my Refrigerator. So I knew it was up to me to put in some action.

At 50 years of age, I decided to go to University. I had worked as a Bursar at a Catholic School and a Registrar at a State school. I had a lot of conversations with the "naughty" children who were waiting to see the Principal. I realized that a lot of these children needed someone to "listen" to them so I decided to give up my position as Registrar of Calliope State School and go to Uni so I could work in this area. Luckily, this coincided with my youngest son going to Uni. He was in Brisbane at Uni and I was in Gladstone so it was no shame job for him.

I was sometimes in the same class as the kids who use to come to my house as babies. I worked during this time in Youth Shelters and always put the idea forward that anyone could continue their education at anytime. Once receiving my Bachelor Degree and an Advanced Diploma of Business. I then spent the next 7 years working for Department of Child Safety, then I began work with Mi-Mind as a Peer Support Worker. I love being with people and children and am passionate about helping teenagers who Society has forgotten.

I love learning and as Francis Bacon pointed out "Knowledge is Power".


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