Rozana AlBanawi, MA, PCC, CPCC, CDTLF, CDWF

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Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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My journey started in education as a psychology high school teacher, school counselor, and after obtaining a Master's in Human Relations, I worked as an employee advisor, and started my career in coaching & mentoring. In the past decade, I have been focused on executive coaching, consulting, facilitating, in leadership development and group work. I facilitate Brene Brown's research-based programs in the MENA region, and this led me to an interest in "post-trauma leadership growth". I am pursuing an EdD at The University of Nottingham, with a focus on human flourishing. As a social media influencer, I bring awareness on mental health first aid, and psycho-education topics. I feel that we need to be educated about mental wellbeing - especially after the pandemic, and it goes beyond the people in the helping profession.

I loved Dr. Pat's work because she integrates who she is, and because she was diagnosed herself, it gives more credibility to listen to her and learn. It is integrating our personal experiences and science to become the leaders and trailblazers in this field moving forward. I love connecting people to one another for a cause, and community-building is my Personal Medicine! Email me to book a discovery session.


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