Ruth Phillips

Recovery Coach

Toowoomba Clubhouse

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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I currently work as a Recovery (or should I say Discovery) Coach at Toowoomba Clubhouse. I emigrated to Australia from Zimbabwe in 2008 with my husband, a toddler and a baby. I spent a few years raising my young family and studying psychology online in Moree in NSW before we moved to Toowoomba in 2013.  I started work at Toowoomba Clubhouse in 2015. My parents were born in the UK and joined the Catholic International Ad Lucem (Service Overseas) movement in the 1960s. My father worked for the Department of Housing and Community Services and my mother worked as a government doctor in the townships of Harare. I remember my mother taking me as a child to psychiatric wards, prisons, old age homes, AIDS orphanages and mission hospitals. So I guess I would probably score highly on the IWAH (Identification with all Humanity) scale and I really enjoy the privilege of coaching people with mental illness.

One day in the future I might like to return to Zimbabwe to work with all those brave Zimbabweans who have PTSD from standing against corrupt and militant governments. Watch this video for some good Personal Medicine (I think it meets fidelity by the end of the video)


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