Samantha Miller, BS

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Specialist

Salisbury Behavioral Health

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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I've been working in mental health for just about five years now! I started at a residential program for adults, then worked in KidsPeace Children's Hospital, and came to Salisbury almost two years ago. I fell in love with psychiatric rehabilitation, and cannot wait to get my CPRP. I'm also in the process of becoming a 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher, and pursuing my MSW through Marywood.

I became a Certified Personal Medicine Coach because I believe our current systems are lacking. I find that traditional treatments and perspectives are often not enough for everyone. I enjoy holistic wellness, and am also a Reiki and IET practitioner. I'm very excited to have a new skill to my toolbox, both for those that I serve and for myself and my loved ones.


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