Sara Borrett

Team Leader

New Horizons 

Certified Personal Medicine Coach


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I have been working in the Community Services industry for nearly 13 years now, 10 of which have been at New Horizons. I have mainly worked with those that are homeless and really enjoy this work and would say it has become a passion of mine. I am currently the Team Leader of several programs including a Specialist Homeless Service and Refugee and Asylum Seeker Mental Health program. Being in this line of work for such a long time I have seen the focus shift from an extremely clinical based approach to now what I feel is a Client Led approach. The outcomes for those involved in my programs using the Client Led approach has a far higher quality. I consider that Personal Medicine is a great asset to have and to share with those in the community that are really trying to make a life change and undertake a journey into their mental health. It is about discovery and what works for you, to empower you to feel well within yourself again and give you the tools to take charge of this journey with a Personal Medicine Coach like me walking beside you.


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