Sarah McFarland, R-CPRS R-Certified Peer Recovery Specialist, Certified Trauma Professional, Certified Personal Medicine Coach, Certified Family Trauma Professional, Trauma & Resilience Practitioner

Founder/Director The LINKS Center, Inc.

NAMI Family to Family & IOOV Facilitator

The LINKS Center, Inc.

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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  Sarah is the Founder of The Learning and Integrating New Knowledge and Skills Center, Inc. (The LINKS Center, Inc.). a nonprofit organization that provides support services to families caring for children diagnosed with mental illness. Sarah uses her lived experience to encourage individuals from diverse backgrounds to move from hopelessness to wholeness. Greetings! As a Certified Trauma Professional, I've worked with many diverse groups. One thing I've heard repeatedly is "I hate taking medicine!" As a Certified Personal Medicine Coach, I'm able to support individuals on their wellness journey in a way that helps them identify regular activities to improve their quality of life.



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