Shachar Shtalrid

Private Personal Coach

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

I have a private clinic in Israel that support parents in the journey of supporting their family member.  I'm an expert in recovery and rehabilitation in the subject of mental health. I'm also a Certified Personal Medicine Coach for people who experience challenges in mental health.

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My personal experience:

After my daughter was hospitalized in a mental health hospital, I was trying to help her and started to study at the Tel Aviv university, a special course for parents that promotes the communication with their family member. Being using the communicate tools with my daughter and finding them useful I joined the certificate course to instruct parents on their communicate skills with their family member.  For 10 years I was part of a professional team who taught parents courses. It is called  "Keshet" .

"Keshet" provides the first step to a better communication. (Keshet is an acronym that stands for "Progression, Cooperation and Communication" , and is a technique designed to help family members cope with everyday challenges.)

I am a meditation Zen teacher.

Using the tools and philosophy of Zen Buddhism helps me to believe and help others to reveal the power of resilience and the wisdom that is within us.

I am delighted to discover the Personal Medicine state of life. The idea of helping out people to discover their inner ability to help their well being is powerful.


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