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I have worked as a dietitian in a couple of behavioral hospitals since 1993. These have been in Louisville, KY and Virginia. I have been at Eastern State Hospital for over five years. I am blessed to teach nutritional counseling, as well as participate with a recovery committee and groups, at this location.

I am a recovery ally for one of my sons. This has been a journey of unsought-after perspective. I have been engaged with a recovery team, SpiritWorks; in Williamsburg, VA.

This experience has helped me to be empowered through the resilience of shame, embarrassment, and guilt; that can come with the stigma of mental health, and the disease of addiction.

Part of my Personal Medicine is participation with a weekly parent group at SpiritWorks. With the SpiritWork team, I have participated with a few recovery trainings: CCAR (with Phil Valentine), CRAFT, RECON2019, and I am a certified Recovery Ally.

I also have Personal Medicine of activities outdoors: rowing, interval-running, biking and camping. As well as hammock-time.

I have had the opportunity to provide nutritional education in a recovery program at the Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail; via a REAL program.

I am hopeful to get opportunities to empower my community further; to be better educated, equipped, and empowered; to celebrate recovery!


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