Shelley O'Brian

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

I've been working in the non-profit, health field since 2001. I began as a program manager at CARES (Child Abuse Response and Evaluation Services) NW in Portland, Oregon. I moved to Maine in 2010 and worked as a site manager for two Planned Parenthood health centers and as a practice manager for a women's functional medicine practice. I landed at NAMI Maine in 2014.

I believe that mental health and physical health are integrally intertwined and have always viewed "wellness" from a holistic perspective as well as on a spectrum that ebbs and flows between feeling (physically and mentally) well and not-so-great. I am inspired by Personal Medicine because I struggled to feel well when--in my early 20s--I was finally diagnosed and prescribed a multitude of ever-changing medications. I experimented with diet, exercise, meditation, acupuncture (all of the things) and eventually landed on a wellness plan that allows me to feel pretty darn great most days.

As a Certified Personal Medicine Coach, I can offer hope for folks who may be where I was twenty years ago so that they can perhaps see that there are always choices and options.

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