Siv Marell

Recovery Supervisor and Course Leader

Certified Life Coach

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

Certified Personal Medicine Coach Trainer (CPMC-T)

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A dear friend of mine once told me; "-I can carry your hope until you can carry it yourself, then I will take it back!" The importance of these words still echos in my head, both in my work as a coach, as well as in my work as a supervisor and course leader within a municipal activity. No one can walk your steps, but someone can always walk those steps with you. For me, hope is the force for what we want. It helps us to act and make a change to what makes us feel good about ourselves. I have always been interested in people's own development and inner strengths and for me, Personal Medicine has become that heling within the expression "Learning by doing". We are all creative, resourceful, and whole. We have the answers within ourselves.

But, what do we personally have to do to start feeling our inner wisdom and start living it!? Personal Medicine helps us stay tuned into that channel, to find our inner strength and motivation. Personal Medicine can lead us to our own power, and give us sustainable change and life development. For me, Personal Medicine is: walking + nature that gives = connection to my inner strengths. So dear colleagues, let´s spread the word of Personal Medicine because together we can make a difference! 😊 / Siv


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