Sonya Greaney DSPHS PG PrSw

Recovery Specialist

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

I've worked in the mental health field since 2014 in many different capacities volunteering, community support and advocacy, mental health nursing, training, professional Peer support and as a recovery specialist. My special interest is working with people who experience  complex trauma responses. I've researched this experience over the past 8 years and teach in a number of Irish Universities. My knowledge and expertise comes from lived, learned and occupational experiences.

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I chose to become a Certified Personal Medicine Coach because it is authentic, genuine and one of the most effective ways that a person can regain control of their lives. And secondly because a tool like this is a supportive and educational way to challenge the perception that many people who use psychiatric services have which is, that someone needs to fix them. Its empowering.

The change I hope to influence and make is, that as people recover their lives through participation and activation that more and more healthcare professionals will rely less on the medical model of care and utilise alternative models to assist their clients and recover & build our services alongside and with our clients.


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