Stephanie R. Colon

NYS Certified Peer Specialist

Family Health at Walton/ OntrackNY

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

I have worked with the Institute for Family Health at Walton/ OntrackNY Team in Bronx, NY. as a full-time Peer Specialist for almost 3 years. OntrackNY is a program which works with young people who have had first time experience with psychosis. I am a retired Clinical Supervisor who has worked part-time as a Peer Specialist since 2006. I have been living with mental illness and in recovery for the last 25 years.

What called me to be a Certified Personal Medicine Coach is that I’m intrigued and motivated to be a leader for Personal Medicine. All my years of being, what Pat Deegan so eloquently states, “a disruptive innovator” in the socio-political realm needs to be transferred to my mental health activism and organizing efforts.

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