Stephanie Trent, CPMC, CPRS, CSAC-A


Certified Personal Medicine Coach

Universal Holistic Treatment Services

Certified Peer Recovery Specialist

Email Phone - 804.677.4395
I was introduced to Personal Medicine by a friend and was immediately intrigued. I am a woman who has struggled with substance use disorder and other mental health diagnoses my entire life. Over the course of my life, I have also struggled with finding the correct treatment for me. I knew that I preferred to not take pill medication because of the side effects they would cause and that I had developed some "tricks" that I would use to help me in stressful situations. I had no clue that the name for this was Personal Medicine. In the field of substance abuse treatment, I get the opportunity to use PM when working with my clients and it is amazing to me how many people benefit from it. I am passionate about helping my clients find the pathway of recovery that works for themselves and, by including PM in those pathways, they are becoming stronger and more successful in their journeys.



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