Tammy Guest, MA

IPS Statewide Trainer & Fidelity Reviewer


Certified Personal Medicine Coach Trainer 

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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I have worked in the field of IPS Supported Employment since 2008, first as an Employment Specialist, then an IPS Team Lead, and most recently as a Statewide Trainer and Reviewer. I was drawn to the model because of the recovery-oriented approach. Helping people to look at themselves in terms of what they had to offer the world instead of what barriers they were experiencing was a healing experience for so many people I worked with. When people focused more on their strengths they often decided to make major changes in their lives, like seeking out that job that they had always wanted. When I saw people doing better, needing reduced levels of care and recovering after going back to work I was hooked on recovery-based services.

Personal Medicine is another powerful recovery-based model that has been impactful in my own use and in the lives of my family members. It has helped change the way that I see myself and the efforts I make to manage my own challenges too. I can't wait to incorporate it into our statewide training initiatives!


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