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We strive to make a difference in the lives of people who have been diagnosed with a mental illness and those who support their recovery. We have fun. We love what we do. We give it our all, every day.

Patricia E. Deegan, Ph.D.

In addition to my work, my Personal Medicine includes being a good mom to my daughter, being with my partner of 30 years and being in nature. These things fill me with joy and peace. I am very grateful.

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Deborah Anderson

As PDA’s Managing Partner, I provide a bridge between the company’s business operations and our development team’s work. Before Pat and I founded PDA, I’d worked for years as a community organizer with people receiving services in the public mental health system. I loved helping folks use their voices, individually and collectively, to work towards a mental health system where the reality of recovery is a possibility for everyone. These days, I feel a similar passion for our work using CommonGround to offer people with lived experience a variety of tools to amplify their voices as they move into the driver’s seat of their recovery journeys.

Allison Stiles, MA, LPC, CPMC-T

I've been working in the mental health field since 2002 and have been with Pat Deegan & Associates since 2011. As the Director of Technology and Behavioral Health Integration at PDA, I do a little bit of everything - training, development, security... but my passion for the work we do at PDA is what drives me. I have experienced challenges in my own life related to anxiety, grief and trauma and I'm a family member of a person working on their recovery. The CommonGround Program has truly been a transformative element in my life. Helping staff learn about the power of recovery-oriented work and seeing them connect with their own passion is the best part of my job. 

Missy Rufo, MS, CPRP, CPMC-T

Back in 2007, I learned about the power of Personal Medicine at a conference and I was hooked. I felt the need to instantly incorporate it into my work at a psych rehab program. Once I did, I learned so much about the people I was serving and began to see them grow in their confidence and start taking more steps forward. Having struggled with anxiety my entire life, I knew there were things that I did to help me get through hard times. When I learned that those things were Personal Medicine, it drove me to work even harder to help others find their healer within. I love the work we do here at PDA. There is a better way to provide mental health services and it begins with the person we serve and meeting them where they are at. That is my passion and what drives me to do the work I do here. 

Jessica Dion

Hi! I’m the Office Manager at PDA. I'm responsible for bookkeeping, accounting, running the online store, customer service, HR processes, producing Academy calls, among other things that may come up! I started working here in 2012. It has been an amazing experience and opportunity working with a small group of such passionate and driven people with incredible recovery-oriented goals for the mental health system. When I’m not working I’m spending time with my husband, stepson, three dogs and horse. I’m an avid animal lover and they play a big role in my Personal Medicine. 

John O'Brien

I am John and have been a Software Developer here since May 2014. CommonGround caught my attention because I can use my experience to work on something that helps people. I started coding as a teenager and have been doing it professionally for over 28 years. Designing and developing software is an obsession which provides a constant stream of things to learn and new challenges. I live in Merritt Island Florida and I enjoy all the fun things we can do near the coast and surrounded by rivers. However, my favorite sport is snow skiing.

Anna Baglien

Hello! I am an Administrative Assistant and Quality Assurance Engineer. I have been with PDA since 2015 when they kindly gave me the chance to be part of their family. I truly enjoy working with a company that cares so much about people and their recovery journey! I myself have mental health diagnosis, and I’m grateful for the work that PDA is doing. I live in Maine with my husband and pug, and being outside gardening, walking my dog, and swimming is my personal medicine. 

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