Umair Ali Khan (M.Phil)

Rehab Engagement Executive

The Recovery House

Consultant Psychologist and Co-Founder


Certified Personal Medicine Coach

Certified Personal Medicine Coach Trainer (CPMC-T)

Email Contact no: +92-333-329-3775 Linkedin

Lived experience with ADHD and Depression cultivated my path from that of an engineer to a mental health professional.

I have a master's degree in psychology, work as a rehab professional at The Recovery House (a pioneering institute to offer psychiatric rehabilitation services in Pakistan) and have also thought undergraduate psychology students as a part of my passion to teach and train.

My training include case management, cognitive behaviour therapy, exposure and response prevention for OCD, motivational Interviewing, WRAP, and just now I have completed my training to become a Certified Personal Medicine Coach.

My goal and aim is to help folks with severe mental illness live a successful life by means of self-advocacy, personal responsibility and informed decision making. I hope to help to grow the culture of recovery and person-centred care in Pakistan.


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