Valerie Brown, RPRS/CPRS, CPMC

Certified Peer Support, VADBHDS

National Certified Peer Specialist

Catawba Hospital

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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After spending 15 plus years in EMS (emergency medicine) combined with 10 years actively volunteering in my community with the US veteran and homeless populations, I came to realize that there was a gap in mental health and substance abuse services. I felt that many "emergencies" could be avoided just by taking a few extra steps in supporting people and meeting them where they were in that moment. Thus began my career in this field 10 years ago. Over the years I have experienced and participated in many trainings to help me serve my community better, but none have compared to CPMC. I am super excited to share this knowledge and know that it has the potential to make a significant impact on my community.

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