Won Jong Seo, BA, CPMC

Mental Health Social Worker Trainee

Social Worker

Clubhouse Besor Ravine

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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I have a firm belief that everyone, regardless of their psychiatric symptoms or diagnosis, should be empowered to lead a healthy and meaningful life. This belief lead me to the mental health field, investing my time and energy in the wellness of others. Ever since I found out that the values of Personal Medicine share those beliefs as well, I have been implementing its core concepts in my practice. Being able to acquire the certification for the official use of Personal Medicine is a dream come true for me.

My Personal Medicine is music (both playing and listening). It helps me to meet with all the fullness that life has to offer. I am also an amateur drummer, percussionist, producer, and educator, and I love what I do both full-time and part-time.



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